Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pizza Style Boxes

Pizza Style Boxes

Pizza boxes are useful for restaurants and all type of food stores. There is surely no need to explain how a pizza box is and what I the shape of a pizza box. Size of pizza box varies according to size of the pizza you order.

Pizza box is very important in restaurant business because it gives a decent impression while you serve the pizza to your customers. Although all the pizza boxes are same but one thing which is different on all pizza boxes is their printing all the companies and brands have their own logo or name printed on pizza box. It also helps when you deliver pizza to someone's home. It keeps pizza hot and secure.

An endless range of designs and themes is available for valued customers to experience wonderful service. Different themes for different events surely will make your event special and will also make you special and center of attention in your friend's group.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Custom Printed Pizza Boxes Wholesale

The box the pizza comes in is one of the most essential parts of the process. A poorly made pizza box will ruin all the hard work your cooks did in preparing the pizza. You won't find any of these printed pizza boxes at the Print Week India, however, because they offer some of the highest quality boxes on the market.
Corrugated Plain Pizza Box

Corrugated Printed Pizza Box

Pizza Slice Box

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Recycling! Are you doing more harm than good?

Recycling products or any type of material, always seems a good idea but have you ever thought that few things you recycle it might harm the environment than do any good to it. There are varieties of paper which can be recycled but figuring out which one can be recycled and which can be harmful is quite a task. If you make a mistake of throwing some unrecyclable item into the recycling bin, I know it may seem such a small mistake but it’s a blunder for the environment. Because of that small mistake the whole recycled batch will go to your near dump yard.

Take a look on these items which could be your “small mistake”, so remember not to recycle them.

Pizza boxes
 The cardboard pizza boxes may seem recyclable to you but the oil from pizza that you just ate contaminates it and makes it impossible to process into a clean paper.

Napkins and paper towels:
They are good quality paper but for the reasons and type of work they are used puts them into unrecyclable category. These towels and napkins are used for cleaning products, food and other harmful waste which is not fit for recycling.

Sticky notes
They are small size, colorful sticky papers which are better for a trash bin than a recycle bin. The adhesive strip of these sticky notes won’t do any good to the environment either.

Wet paper
They are more of loss than profit for the paper mills because the fibers of paper that have been exposed to water are shorter which makes it unprofitable to collect and recycle.

paper caps. Curbside programs won't recycle them, but Aveda collects them and turns them into packaging for new products.

Fun fact#
# sometimes the shape of an item decides its chances of being recycled.

# Most of the curbside programs only take paper labeled #1 and #2 on the bottom.

Check in with your local waste/ sanitation department to find out the specific rules of recycling in your area.  Go green! But the right way!

Custom printed pizza boxes

Pizza is the most eaten fast food in all over the world. Have you ever taken a good look at that box? The design of the box it comes in? It’s a fact that the food tastes much better when it looks good.  The packaging and the look of the dish makes it more desirable and you can’t resist from buying it. So why not make the packaging of the most eaten beverage more desirable and attractive.

The custom printed pizza boxes are in trend. These custom made pizza boxes are available in so many designs, colors even you can design one for yourself. There are many online printing services which make custom printed pizza boxes. They have a speedy delivery, use good quality cardboard and printing equipments. So, find the right service and order some fantastic boxes for yourself!

Thinking, where will you use the custom printed pizza box? Well, for starters you can get an especially custom made pizza box for your child’s birthday party. Kids can have their own custom printed pizza box for a change. It could be the best birthday ever for your kid and his friends. Then, Pizza shops can design their own custom printed pizza boxes with attractive designs and shop’s logo on it so their pizza boxes stands out then the rest of the pizza shops. You can get the boxes printed for any sort of occasion or just for fun. Try it! It’s fun!